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Kantek Height-Adjustable Stand with Drawer, 17″ x 13.25″ x 3″ to 6.5″, Black

The Kantek Height-Adjustable Monitor Riser Stand with Drawer will help to raise your screen or laptop to a comfortable viewing level. It elevates your display to help reduce strain and fatigue while you work or surf the web. This black computer monitor stand offers a wide design to accommodate your laptop. It features cable management to control wires and cords. This stand also has a removable drawer for storing useful accessories.

Fellowes GoRiser Laptop Elevator

Get comfortable with the Fellowes GoRiser Laptop Elevator. This Laptop Riser Stand elevates laptops that are up to 15.4" or 20 lbs in size, so you can see the screen better, while the Softshock technology keeps your lap and your laptop cool and provides a soft leg cushion. These Laptop Docking Stations are compact and portable, folding flat enough to fit in most briefcases, which allows you to take one on the go where it is needed. With a non-skid surface, this Fellowes GoRiser Laptop Elevator will stay put on many different surfaces for easy use. The convenient size of this Laptop Riser Stand also allows you to easily store it away.

Kensington K60066US Expandable Keyboard Platform with SmartFit System

The Kensington Expandable Articulating Keyboard Platform, KMW60066 fits both small and large desktops, so you can use it as needed in your office or home spaces. It has a stylish design that can visually enhance your workspace while performing precisely as intended. The Kensington keyboard platform adjusts from 23" to 30" and is large enough to hold a keyboard, mouse and other desk accessories when opened at full length. An articulating arm comes with a 21" guiding track making the keyboard platform compatible with diagonal, straight, curved or 90-degree angle workstations. This adjustable keyboard platform is durable, giving you a reliable option for storing your device. It can also make a nice gift for anyone needing extra organization in their office and home.

Kantek LCD Monitor Stand with 2″ Drawers, 18″ x 12.5″ x 5″, Black

Designed to help reduce neck and eye strain, this Kantek LCD Montior Stand with 2" Drawers is constructed to support LCDs up to 35 lbs. Its drawers provide ample storage space and easy access to supplies, and the rubber feet on this monitor stand with drawers prevent slips and falls from your work surface. Serving as both an LCD stand and a convenient organizer, this durable Kantek LCD Monitor Stand with 2" Drawers positions your monitor at just the right viewing height for your comfort.

Kelly Computer Supply Monitor/Printer Stand with 2 Drawers, 13″ x 13-1/2″ x 5-3/4″, Black

Elevating your monitor to a more ergonomically correct eye level, increasing comfort and reducing neck and shoulder strain. Functional height adjustment from 2" to 4" with easy to attach insert tubes. Cable management system helps organize cables and cords. Non-skid foot rings ensure stability.

Allsop 27021 Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand, 11″ x 14 1/2″ x 4 1/2″, Pewter

<p>The Allsop 27021 Metal Art Jr. Monitor Stand gives your monitor or laptop a lift and looks good while doing so. Forged from steel, this monitor stand with its powder-coated pewter finish serves as a sturdy shelf to raise your monitor, printer or other component to a more usable height. There is sufficient space beneath it for your keyboard or other office supplies. Its compact base is ideal for supporting laptops and smaller flat panel monitors. The Allsop computer monitor stand has a simple curved design that combines a comfortable feel with technical convenience and is an excellent example of how form and function can work together to improve a workspace.</p>

Fellowes Standard Monitor Riser

<p>The Fellowes 91712 Standard Monitor Riser helps you raise your monitor up to a comfortable viewing height. It has three adjustable height levels and holds monitors weighing up to 60 pounds. This monitor stand features a simple ergonomic design. It has cable and power-cord guides for proper cable routing. This computer monitor riser is made from high-quality plastic. It includes non-skid rubber foot rings for stability, and to prevent scratches.</p>